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Intention Candle set
Intention Candle set
Intention Candle set
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Intention Candle set


Intent can guide you through your life and inject it with purpose and meaning, instead of allowing each day to simply happen. Intention candles are a great way to get clear about what you want to bring into your life, and the ritual itself is easy & straightforward.

Start by setting your intentions, then light the candle and send your intention into the flame.

This Intention Ritual Set with 10-minute intention candles is perfect for setting goals and working towards realising them. Light the candle and start turning your dreams into reality.

The Intention set includes:
• Haze candles (10-minute) x 10
• Brass candle stand
• Intention intro + guide
• Gift box

Our Haze candles are handmade in Japan from botanical sumac wax, a 100% plant-based wax made from the berries of the Japanese sumac tree.

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