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Devi goddess intense detox mask
Devi goddess intense detox mask
Lisa Soon

Devi goddess intense detox mask


Devi is much more then just a clay mask.

Clays are the deep pore cleansing power houses which when activated with a liquid, act as a magnet or a sponge. Different clays have their own beneficial properties and there are different clays for differnent skin types. Binchotan charcoal is of extraorinary purity. A type of activated  charcoal that has been made for over 300 years in Kishu providence of Wakayama, japan.

The charcoal acts a super magnet, absorbing any toxic molecules. Adsorbtion is when toxins are drawn out to the surface of the skin, where they can be washed away. Binchotan may seem so simple but yet is so powerfully detoxifying, ridding skin of excess oils and impurities while holding antibacterial properties too.

The Binchotan in Devi is hand ground in a traditional way with a pestle and mortar. It is then sifted untill a soft smooth powder is obtained.

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