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Chevron Indigo Throw
Chevron Indigo Throw
Moss Nest

Chevron Indigo Throw


Dimensions: 220 x 140cm

Origin: India

Collection: Mud Dye

These handmade luxury textiles are hand printed in India and naturally dyed.The process used to dye the fabric is called mud printing, as the mud is used to resist the dye. First, the pattern block is carved then the mud printing is applied by hand. Later comes the colour matching, dyeing with Indigo or Iron colours. They they are left to set. 

Indigo and natural dyes cannot be fixed with any chemicals so they have been set using a steam fixing processes. Subsequently colours may vary slightly especially once exposed to the weather, however they will not fade after washing. It is essential they are washed prior to use. These textiles need to be washed separately inside out at 30 degrees. Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry.  

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