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Bangle honey buffalo horn
Bangle honey buffalo horn

Bangle honey buffalo horn


Lovingly handcrafted for Zephyr in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We have chosen to create our range of jewellery and accessories from buffalo horn as it features amazing texture, pattern and is an eco friendly and sustainable material. Each piece of jewellery is completely unique. The colours range from white to honey to dark charcoal and black. 

Buffalo horn is an eco friendly byproduct of waste. We ethically source buffalo horns that are discarded from the food industry & deadstock. By using the buffalo horns to create jewellery no part of the buffalo is wasted. Heat and oil are used to flatten the horns into plates which are then cut and polished with water. 

Our buffalo horn jewellery range is incredibly strong and is perfect for everyday. Our earrings are very light and comfortable to wear, not heavy. To care for your buffalo horn jewellery store it in a cloth bag and polish with a small amount of coconut oil. Polish the jewellery with a soft cloth and wipe clean. This will enhance the shine. 

Please note, as buffalo horn is a natural material each piece is completely unique. The colours and patterns may vary from what is pictured. You are welcome to add a note to your order and we will do our best to hand select the right piece for you.

6cm diameter. 21cm around. (Inside measurement)

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